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WholeLIFE Coaching Training

Asheville, NC & Online

WholeLIFE Coaching Training: Program Details

6 to 9-month Program

Individual & Group Pricing

The WholeLIFE Coaching framework is based on the foundational coaching model developed 20 years ago called WholeFIT, founded by Dr. Jared DuPree & Dr. Michael Olson. WholeFIT is a systemic framework that relies on a client-centered, collaborative approach pulling from patient-centered medicine philosophies, esoteric approaches, family systems theory, motivational interviewing, positive psychology, shamanism, Tantra, Taoism, and energy approaches.

The WholeLIFE Coaching Program is traditionally a 6 to 9 month training program leading to a Level 2 Certification in Coaching. Specializations are available in wellness, relationship, and spiritual emphases. 

The WholeLIFE Coaching Program has trained thousands of coaches, therapists, and practitioners working in private, residential, wilderness, and public settings.

The beauty of the WholeLIFE Coaching Program is that each practitioner and organization can make it their own while adhering to key principles of transformational success.

For more information on the training program and sequence, download the information sheet/course list or watch the video to the right.

"I love how customizable and personal the training feels. This has been a game-changer!"

Wilderness Therapy Program, Lead Supervisor

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