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Blissful Getaways

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Attend trips and retreats at amazing destinations that allow for deep immersion into nature, adventure, connection, and self.

Trips are 80% adventure and 20% growth oriented. You’ll have your pick of fun, unique adventure and wellness experiences as well as optional learning and growth opportunities. You can choose your own adventure!

Retreats are 30% adventure and 70% growth oriented. They are focused on individual, relational, and community growth and expansion with additional adventure and wellness experiences.

Past spiritual retreat and trip locations include Croatia, Slovenia, Scotland, Bali, Mexico, Oregon, Washington, North Carolina, Hawaii, and Costa Rica.

Trips are 80% adventure and 20% growth oriented.

Sep 2023

Retreats are 30% adventure and 70% growth oriented.

Asheville, NC


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"I found growth and clarity during my retreat with Anna and Jared. The location was beautiful and the food was healthy, nourishing, and delicious. I highly recommend joining in on whatever they’ve got going on. You’ll be so happy you did."

Kristine Aslan, Kambo Plant Medicine Practitioner


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between retreats and trips?

Trips are 80% adventure and wellness experiences like hiking, swimming, kayaking, visiting a spa/sauna park, or exploring a city. The other 20% of the time includes optional learning and growth opportunities that evolve around personal, relational, and mind-body-heart integration. Retreats are 70% personal, relational, and mind-body-heart integration experiences with about 30% of the time devoted to outside adventure and wellness activities.

Are you a travel agency?

No, we consider ourselves Travel Consultants and Guides. We will be guiding the trip but we do not book airline flights. We will book hotel stays and lodging on your behalf and arrange for the food and excursions; however, everything on the schedule is optional and voluntary.

Do you visit a lot of museums, historic sites, or tourist spots?

Not so much. You will have plenty of free time in areas that have these opportunities. However, our trips typically are more nature, adventure, food, and experience focused. If you have an interest in these types of places, plan for them during free time (about 6 hours each day) or consider adding a day or two at the end or before a trip/retreat.

What type of people attend your trips and retreats?

We experience all types of people and enjoy all! Most are likely interested in wellness, adventure, spirituality, consciousness, fun, embodiment, and those types of topics. However, we often have people attend that are super into fitness, entrepreneurship, or sports and will enjoy our trips just as much. We do recommend people be in relatively good shape, healthy, and have an open mind/heart. Ages range from 20’s to 60’s with the average person ranging from 35 to 55.

Where do you plan on going in the future?

We typically visit Mexico and Croatia/Slovenia every year because they are such popular trips - they are so fun! We also will visit Costa Rica, Bali, Washington/Oregon every other year. We live in the gorgeous Smoky Mountains near Asheville, NC and hold at least one retreat/trip here once a year. Future trips will also include Austria, Scotland/Ireland, Peru, Guatemala, Germany/Switzerland, France, Thailand, and Japan. Contact us for more information on dates!

How long do trips and retreats last?

For international trips and retreats, we typically spend about 7 to 9 days (including travel). For domestic trips/retreats and Mexico trips/retreats, 4 to 6 days is more likely.

How much do trips and retreats cost?

Most trips and retreats include all lodging, all breakfasts, most lunches and most dinners and all excursion costs. We try to keep costs low while still eating amazing food, staying in amazing places, and experiencing amazing adventures. Typically, trips and retreats will cost $300/day. An international trip to Croatia costs around $2100 for 7 days not including travel. A domestic trip to Oregon for 4 days costs $1200/person.

How are you able to keep costs down?

We have the ability to buy lodging, food, and excursions in bulk at a cheaper price. In addition, Jared has a knack for finding amazing locations off the beaten path that most tourists would not know about or experience typically. Plus, Jared spends quite a bit of time getting to know the locals in each area to make long-term connections.

Are there ever trade or assistant opportunities?

Yes! We often are in need of a photographer/videographer as well as someone that can help with food at retreats. In addition, you can become a WholeHEART Ambassador which gives you discounts and perks in exchange for helping assist, promote, and support.

What is the WholeHEART Ambassador program?

Individuals that align with our values, want to have fun, and feel excited about what we do can become an Ambassador. You will be listed on our website as such and be expected to promote events and experiences on social media and other venues. In addition, we see Ambassadors as part of the team that can help organize, collaborate, and create with potential profit sharing. In exchange, we provide services and travel discounts and profit sharing when appropriate. Feel free to contact us for more information!

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