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Jared DuPree

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Let’s have an adventure!

When I was a kid, I wanted to be Indiana Jones! I ended up traveling the world and immersed myself in many different cultures. After a life changing soul awakening and a near-death experience of fighting for life with a heart condition, I have a new heart! An adventurous, fun, soulful, quiet, balanced heart that keeps learning, loving, and expanding. Want to join the ride?!

Let's Get To Know Each Other


Jared began his work in systems theory, business, psychology, and higher education as a professor. He felt a shift occurring that led to his own spiritual awakening. Since then, he has gathered tools and methods throughout the world to understand how to integrate and awaken layer upon layer. He finds himself attracted to various arts and approaches including Reiki, Yoga, Native American healing, Chakra work, Energy work, Medium work, journeying, Tantra, Taoism, Qi Gong, sacred music, breath work. 

Overview of Services

I train practitioners to find, clarify, and sharpen their gifts. Providers, energy workers, therapists, doctors, and everyone in between can benefit.

I also provide services through deep dives using journeying, Tantric embodiment, Awakening Exploration, and bliss experiencing for individuals and couples.



Integrated Quantum Journeying

Based on QHHT, Shamanistic Journeying, Channeling and other methods, Integrated Quantum Journeying taps into the part of you that has existed from the beginning. It allows someone to access memories from anytime in this life, previous lives, and previous forms. This can be done via Zoom or Face-to-Face. 60, 90, and 2 hour sessions available (2 hour recommended)

Tantric Embodiment

Tantric embodiment is a practice that can be done individually, as a couple, or within a group. Utilizing various forms of touch, sensuality, energy work, and movement, Tantric practices are used to access life force energy to heal, expand, feel, and grow. Great for those wanting to feel more embodied, sensual, and whole. Relying on Tibetan elemental Tantric techniques along with Kundalini and Taoist approaches, energy is accessed, moved, and enhanced. An exploration call is required. Face-to-face recommended. 60 or 90 minute sessions available.

Personal Mentoring

We each experience spiritual and energetic awakenings differently. These sessions are designed to help you along your path whether you are trying to release and replace old energies, establish new ways of being, remember your spiritual identity and purpose more clearly, or stalk your shadows. Can be done face-to-face or over Zoom. 60 or 90 minute sessions available. Also done in 6-month and 12 month increments if desired. Reach out to learn more.

Practitioner Mentoring

I specialize in training other practitioners in developing their own gifts and skills while honoring their authentic self. Traditional and non-traditional practitioners can benefit including doctors, therapists, energy workers, Tantrikas, nutritionists, and coaches. Mentoring follows the Shamanic way in regards to knowing thy self, sharing thy self, and playing thy part. Traditionally done in 6 month and 12 month formats. I generally mentor 10 people/year. Feel free to reach out to learn more.

“Jared has a natural gift of delivering information in a relatable, understandable way. He truly embodies everything he teaches and offers valuable feedback and guidance. It is inspiring to learn from him and I look forward to working with him again!”

Aurora Windquist, Sensual Embodiment Healer

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