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Croatia Trip 2024

June 4 - June 11

Slovenian & Croatian Adventures

June 4 - June 11, 2024

$2,555 per person

Out of our all of our conscious community events and retreats, this is our most popular trip every year. Our fourth trip to the beautiful countries of Slovenia and Croatia which include amazing waterfalls, hikes, sauna/spa parks, and an amazing coastal experience along the bright blue shores of the Adriatic Sea.

The Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive to Ljubljana, Slovenia. Travel to Lake Bled (Alpine Lake amidst beautiful mountains and stunning castle)

Day 2: Lake Bled, Slovenia (Visit Vintgar Gorge and take a stunning hike)

Day 3: Therme Olime, Slovenia (Largest spa and sauna park in Eastern Europe)

Day 4: Plitvice Lakes (Kayaking trip of a lifetime)

Day 5: Plitvice Lakes (Natural Wonder of the world, park with over a thousand waterfalls)

Day 6: Zadar Coast (5 star resort)

Day 7: Zadar Coast (5 star resort)

Day 8: Travel back to Slovenia, night in Ljubljana


"From Lake Bled to stunning rivers and waterfalls, to the countryside beauty of Slovenia, to the beauty of Zadar & the Adriatic Sea, I loved it all. This experience was an unexpected journey to the heart and soul."

Amanda Joy Loveland, Shamanic practitioner, NLP practitioner and Intuitive


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