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Cosmic Serpent Retreat

Blue Ridge Mountains, NC


Cosmic Serpent Retreat

Fall/Winter 2023

$1222 per person

Join us in exploring the cosmic soul, the earthly body, and where they meet! Cultures from all over the world, such as Aztecs, Hindus, Mesopotamians, Greeks, Egyptians, the Celtic, and Pagans have long held the serpent as sacred. Many times these same cultures have known the connection of snakes, the cosmos, and the cosmic origin of humans.

In this mind-opening spiritual retreat, we explore the Hermetic principles of “as above so below” and “as within, so without”. We will explore ways of understanding our inner serpent: kundalini energy, the double helix of DNA, life force, breath, and energy pathways in the body. Shamanic and Quantum methods will help us explore our cosmic nature. We introduce and utilize shamanic and quantum methods of exploration including White Tantra, Qi Gong, breathwork inspired by ancient tradition, shamanic drumming journeys, Pink Tantra, and Quantum Healing and Hypnosis.

Location: Blue Ridge Mountains, NC

Participants: 20

Pricing: $1222, scholarships available

The Itinerary

Day 1: The Cosmic Origins: Exploring Soul and Energy

Day 2: The Serpent Body: Experiencing Energy and Body

Day 3: The Cosmic Serpent: the Integrated Being


"The retreat truly has been DIVINE! I can’t even describe in words the healing/growth and clarity I’ve experienced because of this beautiful weekend."

Kristine Aslan, Kambo Plant Medicine Practitioner

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