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Invite Anna & Jared To Your Area


Let's Co-Create an Experience

Jared and Anna have been invited by enthusiastic hosts to facilitate spiritual courses and trainings, such as Tantric Pujas, Healing Workshops, Overnight Retreats, Practitioner Trainings, and 1-on-1 Sessions across the globe. Anna and Jared are happy to facilitate together or separately. They also work well with other professionals to bring a new perspective to existing communities and groups. Costs are variable and are usually a percentage shared with the host.

Oh, the possibilities!

Healing Workshops

Weekend Breathwork Deep Dives

Practitioner Trainings

Tantric Pujas

Overnight Retreats

Or, tell us about your vision and desires and we will explore how we can deliver that experience to you!

Email for more information.


"It had been a really hard few months feeling disconnected from myself and I now feel like I'm back online. It feels like a joyous reunion. Thank you!"

Carissa, Engineer

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