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We're Anna & Jared


We offer experiences that create containers for growth, bliss, embodiment, and fully experiencing wholehearted living and relating.

These experiences include one on one sessions, couples work, workshops, trainings, group experiences, and amazing trips and spiritual retreats all around the world.

We rely on tools, methods, and perspectives that stem from both Western and Eastern approaches as well as the traditional and non-traditional including tantra, shamanism, buddhism, taoism, Magdalene work, qigong, attachment theory, systems theory, and somatic embodiment practices.

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St. George Health & Wellness
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Awakened Love:
A Luminous Experience
Tantra Festival

Let's Get To Know Each Other


Anna is deeply connected to the Earth. She is full of joy, body movement, and mysticism. She serves as a shamanic guide. She invites you to experience her intuitive and well-studied methods. She holds space while infusing compassion in a heart-centered manner. Prepare to laugh, cry, dance, and transform!

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Jared is visiting planet Earth to experience it all! Lover of adventure, beauty, nature and love itself, Jared is a powerful presence that radiates heart and excitement. Get ready for a ride as you experience the waves of the cosmos and the groundedness, sensual nature of the body!

Check out our podcast!

In this podcast, we contemplate, explore, and relate all things "Awakening". We discuss Eastern and Western beliefs, the esoteric, transformative experiences, kundalini, sacred sexuality, plant medicines, emotional and physical health, and energy.

Whether you are new to this all or a seasoned expert, tune in and expand your perspective on personal growth and self-discovery.


Learn more about the WholeLIFE Coaching & Training Program for practitioners, therapists, coaches, wilderness programs, residential programs, and coaching programs.

"With Anna and Jared's guidance, I've begun healing myself and coming in tune with my own power! Don’t miss out on attending their workshops, retreats or sessions."

Kristine Aslan, Kambo Plant Medicine Practitioner


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