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Experience your awakening

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WholeHEART Awakening invites us to live blissfully through heart awakening experiences.

WholeHEART Awakening believes we are designed to experience ecstasy and bliss. When we embody our own delight, our true nature paints the way for ourselves and others. We invite each of us to embrace intimacy, play, sensuality, and deep connection.

WholeHEART Awakening creates space for individuals, couples, and groups to experience bliss through deep dives, amazing travel, life-changing spiritual retreats, impactful courses and workshops, and powerful 1-on-1 work.

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"WholeHEART Awakening has led me to a new, better version of myself. I am more confident, lead with an open heart, and am more joyful!"

Kristine Aslan, Kambo Plant Medicine Practitioner


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